• Golfers can give Peru its first public course... Let's make it happen!

  • With your donation we can make this great project real

  • Lets grow our passion in the next generation

Our Initiative

The San Bartolo Public Golf Course will allow everyone to have the opportunity to learn and practice the sport of golf. Children will develop their psychomotor, concentration, coordination, precision, and attention skills. Thru these skills and values they will improve quality of life and this is a cause you can contribute with. more »

How to donate?

Your contribution will allow us to have an environmentally and socially sustainable golf course and thru the practice of Golf will provide better opportunities in life for the children in the area. Follow these steps, the course will be a reality for everyone! Step 1: Select your donation, Step 2: Pay for your donation, and Step 3: Register your donation. more »

Junior Program

The Junior Program of San Bartolo, develops runs under the “Golf para Todos” initiative undertaken by the Peruvian Golf Federation, looking to massify golf and make it accessible to all who want to practice it. During its first year of operation in 2012, the Program introduced more than 170 kids from the area of influence, to golf. more »