The Junior Program of San Bartolo, develops runs under the “Golf para Todos” initiative undertaken by the Peruvian Golf Federation, looking to massify golf and make it accessible to all who want to practice it

During its first year of operation in 2012, the Program introduced more than 170 kids from the area of ​​influence, to golf. Currently an average of 50 children receive free lessons that include a fitness programs and learning golf, using the latest teaching techniques. An incentive program for families was created, requiring that children to attend at least 85% of scheduled classes, to be able to receive a monthly food basket.

The most outstanding students of the Program participate in the Federation junior tournaments, which are played in private golf clubs in the country and where they come triumphing, and although they have been practicing golf in the current course, these children will be first benefit at the conclusion of the construction of the Public Course and also serve as an example for all people who want to start in the sport.

Junior Program